One of the projects has been finished finally!


I just finished one of the projects that i've been working on for more that a month.  I've done some great things in this project that i want to write about them here. 

1. One of the developing issues that i wanted to solve for such a long time is Difficulty of implementing websites with AJAX. If you're a programmer you definitly know that  it's not easy. But why?

There is few important reasons :  

  • Because of the way AJAX works, we usually have to write lots of JavaScript to apply the changes into the interface without refreshing the page - There are libraries like XAjax that let us write most of it in for example PHP, but we will have to write it anyway! -. and that obviously slows down development. Besides making a good Ajax website requires designing special plan for AJAX parts of the website.
  • If we want to make the website able to serve variety of visitors, whether they're using high-end browsers like Firefox or Chrome or the old nasty ones like IE5!, high speed internet or dial-up connection. We'll have to write a very time consuming and hard to maintain code. Because we will have to make sure that it works without Ajax or even without JavaScript. That requires implementing both flat HTML and AJAX. which requires twice the usual time. Even if we have a great framework for doing such a task, we may save some time but will have to maintain that framework as well.
  • It's not simple!

My solution :

I've created a new way (I haven't found any complete solution like this, that's why i call it new) for developing AJAX+FLAT-HTML websites which solves all the problems mentioned above. It's a wrapper around available frameworks like Jquery (Can be implemented using other AJAX frameworks and other server-side languages as well). and uses magic of innerHTML to archive it.

Once it's setup, even our web designers can make flat HTML pages AJAX!! yes it's as easy as that. We can design our whole website as a Flat-HTML and then make it AJAX with writing only few lines. Actually we don't even need to be worry about AJAX anymore.

I'm really exited about this solution and i want to make it open-source, i named it Ajax Everywhere but i think i should choose another name which can describes the concept behind it better

Unfortunately that's not gonna happen right now. cause i don't have time!

2. Anther great things is implementing a very simple template system using PHP. it's not new i know, but i just implemented it on my own framework. I also developed a very useful tools for design purposes , which lets designer to know which templates used on the page , and where they being used. along side all the avaialbe parameters for each template or sub template

It has lots of advantages which i would like to mention some of them :

  • It's fast, there will be no processing or pre-processing
  • No need to learn a new template engine syntax. 
  • Possibilities are endless, what ever PHP can do applies to this system as well.
  • Web learns something useful.

3. And the last one is i started using JQuery as my primary JavaScript framwork. It's small, fast, and very creative. Thanks to JQuery team.

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awsome topic, just bookmarked

awsome topic, just bookmarked your article for future referrence