May 2013

Yet another method to simplify making multipage/multistep Drupal forms


In Drupal there are many different methods to turn long forms into multipage/multistep forms. The most known one is perhaps the great ctools module or even custom solutions using Drupal’s form API. However as you may agree with me none of these solutions are really that easy, specially when it comes to Ajax. Therefore many developers in Drupal community tried or still trying to find an even easier method. What I’m going to introduce to you is yet another magical method :).

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Drupal Module : Calendar Systems needs your help


Calendar system requires a very tiny core patch to fully work, The patch was already proposed to core by a fellow developer, so i rewrote it to meet core requirements and set it to needs review (Thanks to Gaelan and wuinfo for helping in completing the patch). The good thing is that the patch is not only for Calendar Systems it's a generic patch that introduces a new hook to make it possible for third-party modules to alter format_date function. If we can get it into core it might even be possible to back port it to Drupal 7

You can read more about the history of calendar system module and even what a calendar system is


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Doing it in Drupal way : Merging all slider modules


While ago i was looking for an slider module (implementation of JQuery UI slider module), surprisingly i couldn't find any solution except jSlider Form API which wasn't exactly what i was looking for. So i did what every good Drupal developer does, I wrote a generic slider module and shared it on (jQuery UI Slider Field). I even implemented "jSlider Form API" features.

Several months later and after i published several new minor versions, one of the users mentioned that there is in fact another slider module similar to mine!! SliderField and it was quite old too. He suggested joining forces to prevent duplicate modules. and that's what i did and even more.

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