Drupal's Acquia Marina Theme patched version!


In Drupal it's possible to overwrite and extend a theme using sub-themes! So i usually create a custom theme for my site as a sub-Theme of a base theme and try to put all the site specific stuff to that theme instead of the base theme, although it's tricky! and sometimes i have to spend hours finding a workaround for not completely implemented sub themming features but i think it worth it. Because this way no only i can easily update the base theme but also i can patch the base theme in order to fix bugs and add new features and then contribute all this changes back to the community :)

Currently i'm using Acquia Marina as base theme on my website, I've found several bugs on this theme. fixed them and sent the patches to its issue queue. This time however i wasn't so lucky because Acquia Marina's developers are quite busy with the next major version of their awesome theme and none of the maintainer seems to have time to review and commit this patches. So I decided to share the patched version of this great theme with the community.

You can find it here : Drupal's Acquia Marina Theme version 1 patched!

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Thank you for sharing and I

Thank you for sharing and I like your blog. Tom Bailey

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thanks for sharing this

thanks for sharing this