June 2014

NEW Drupal Module : Entity Soft Delete (Entity Recyclebin/Trashbin)


In multi user systems, it's usually much safer not to let users change the contents entirely in case there was a mistake or when it was needed to know what has changed by whom and revert the change if required. Drupal supports content revisioning and there are already some contributed modules that exploit this extremely useful feature like revisioning. However when it comes to content deletion, revision system can no longer be used because when a content is deleted, it gets removed from database entirely including all its revisions.

Entity soft delete module has been developed to address this limitation.

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NEW Drupal Module : Hook Post Action


Currently Drupal core does not offer any hook to do actions after a node/entity is inserted/updated/deleted in Database. So for example you can not send an email mentioning the node after the node is inserted because Drupal uses SQL transactions and the node is not yet fully written to database when hook node presave is called so if for any reason the transaction is rolled back, users will receive a false mail.

So Hook Post Action module introduces several new Drupal hooks to overcome this limitation

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