May 2010

Some tips about writing Resume


After reading over 200 hundred resumes in the past three years and rejecting most of them before and after interview and test due to the fake information, It seems that most people believe that putting everything they even though of into  their resume really helps, but does it?

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Drawing organization charts easily with OpenOffice Draw


I don't know whether you've heard of OpenOffice or not. OpenOffice is perhaps the best alternative to Micro$soft Office currently available. It's a collection of applications that work together closely to provide the features expected from a modern office suite. Many of the parts are designed to be alternatives to those available in Microsoft Office.

But what's the different between these two popular office applications ?

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Time to start taking online privacy seriously


Online privacy has always been one my concerns, and the reason is the fact that as a software developer i know what's happening behind the scene. I believe that it's up to us (Software developers) to let the people know that their privacy is getting violated every hour even when they're not a member of any social network!!!.

A blog post by Larry inspired me to write this post,

Earlier today, one of the people I follow tweeted that his young (under 5, I believe) daughter had just done something stupid. Nothing illegal or immoral, just the sort of embarrassing and sometimes destructive stupidity that young children tend to get into. And he then tweeted it.

Which means that his under age daughter's actions are now part of the permanent archive of the US government.

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