IE8 Story : Is microsoft a complete lier?!


One of my colleagues sent me this link : [Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts]. And after reading for few seconds, i said that oh my God. how shameless! what a lies!

  • IE, the most secure browser! is this some kind of joke?! most of us still remember ActiveX and IE plug-ins and what a huge threat they were and a still are to the Internet community! and we still see most of Micro$oft's security updates contain this message! : "A security issue has been identified that could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to compromise your system and gain control over it"
  • IE, with the most privacy support! come on Bill! are you out of your mind! when did Micro$oft ever respect people's privacy!? we all remember SASSER virus! when did storing user sensitive information as a plain text considered as respecting privacy?!
  • IE the most compatible browser! well, last time i checked non of the Internet explorer versions were compatible even with each other. if you make a web page with IE6, you have a very small chance to see it exactly the same in IE7 or IE8. the same applies to IE7 (or even IE8 when IE9 comes out!!).
  • IE, the most compatible browser with web standards! : i'm really out of breath to laugh, just see this link on all your browsers IE6,IE7,IE8 and also in Firefox and judge yourself. []
  • IE, most appropriate browser for developers : I must admit that it really surprised me that M$ finally and after all this years started to show some respect to developers! but it appears that M$ developers haven't got a clue how FireBug extension works! and i have a question as well. How to test our website on IE6,IE7 and IE8?! oh, i know the answer myself. we should buy three windows licenses and install each version on a different windows installation! yeah it's really developer friendly.what else could we possibly want?!
  • IE, the most reliable browser! : Of course! it needs both of those features, non other browser on earth has as high crash record as IE.
  • IE, easiest browser to use! : I'm not going to compare it with other browsers, but i want M$ to answer this question. How come a browser which requires upgrading the whole operating system for each new version be easy to use?
  • etc

Oh no, i'm not done yet! there is another page. [Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts]

  • Research proves that Internet Explorer 8 catches almost twice as much malware than the competition. That's "less secure?" : This was my favorite one. maybe that's because the whole operating system is not secure!
  • Internet Explorer 8 passes more of the World Wide Web Consortium's test cases than any other browser. : And what was the real result? we already checked. failed on most of them!
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