What I've been doing while I've not been posting


Well, as usual i'm very busy with many different projects.

I need to spend lots of time reading and researching on various complex topics evey single day to keep myself uptodate,being active in many different projects at the same time with different skill requirements really made me confused. my mind has longer any interest in solving complex problems. I worked about 15 hours a day average for 6 month, no wonder that it's tired! hopefully i'm going to vacation soon.

There are other news as well,

One of my active research projects for about 2 years was choosing a new programming language as my primary language. it was a very difficult decision , that's why it took me this long to decide. I've wanted to choose python or even c++ but after java has became opensource i changed my mind. Java is a very powerful programming language, it's true cross-platform and it's now opensource. new Debian release "lenny" has also officially supports java virtual machine by default which means that in less than two years, java applications can install and run on Linux even easier than native applications. java core team are trying to make it more like a platform (Like .Net or even better since JVM is already cross-platform). I'm totally disappointed that Oracle bought Sun!

Some bad incidents has happened which lead me to completely change the way i used to work, i'm not comfortable with this new changes and they slow me down pretty much. wish if i had any other choice! it require lots of time to become something that i can feel productive with it again :(

After being active on various Opensource (Including Linux) virtual and physical communities I've finally decided to switch my workstation OS to Linux as soon as Kubuntu 9 and KDE 4.4 become available. Linux is more secure , more reliable and faster than Windows, and it's Free and OpenSource. In my opinion it's a true operating system which you can rely on it. There is only one big problem which is lack of support for Linux in Enterprise softwares. It's changing rapidly it might not exists in the next 2 years. just like the hardware issues Linux users used to have! but at this time, free alternatives which linux offers are satisfying for me.

This year is a year of change for me, i'm changing my priorities and rescheduling to be able to increase my productivity and also my free time. i want to spend more time with my own family and for myself. so i might be able to update my site and twitter more frequently. and maybe start to contribute on opensource projects or even publish some.



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"Anyone who has never made a

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein ! What do you think ?

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A human being with no mistake

A human being with no mistake doesn't exist in my opinion.