You Can't Operate at 200 Percent, 24/7. So Stop Trying, And start saying NO
Difficult server upgrade is ahead with almost zero down time tolerance!, lots of preparation to make. (considering worse case scenario) :|
Overseeing multiple servers upgrade/maintenance. it's like this most weekends.
In the past two years, 81 percent of hospitals and health insurance companies have had a data breach, according to a report released by KPMG
We're implementing full automated test coverage for some of our sensitive projects
Reviewing EFQM documents of a big organization to suggest improvements for the new year evaluation
System administrators all over the world, work day and night to keep the online services we depond on always accessible. happy #sysadminday
Writing a quick business plan for one of our clients, the idea is interesting and i think it will be successful
I'm very pleased that our clients today, expect a lot from us, but also do a lot for us
Many think it's true or wish it was, but unfortunately ignorance and lack of knowledge does not protect us nor does it help us in any way :(