The language of colors

Colors can speak to us and what they say can reach to the audience subconscious faster than any textual message, perhaps that's why they're so important.

But choosing the right color is not easy, many things are involved

Indicating the primary goals of the project

Colors has meaning, in order to choose the best possible colors for a project we should first see what we want to say to the people the first time they visit

Example : Trust, Experience, Innovation, Difference, ...

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Another way to mirror two folders under Linux & Windows


There are many tools and utilities for syncing files and folders, and yet there are even more. In this tutorial i'll introduce you to several reliable free command line and visual utilities for mirroring a folder into another folder.

This tutorial was originally part of another article but i came up with a much better solution for that one and there was no longer any need for this part so i decided to publish it as separate tutorial. It's not unique but all the same some people may find it useful.

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Moving Users, Document and settings, or Home folder to another partition or disk


System partition (Where operating system is installed) is usually target for viruses, bad sectors, out of disk space (Which is quite common in Windows Vista and the next versions due to the winsxs folder's uncontrolled size increase) specially in Windows. You may need to re-install or even format your entire system partition, in situations like this the main problem is how to backup your data if your haven't lost it already!! Although it's possible but it's not easy, Unlike Linux , Windows does not have any official live CD so you would have to use command line or connect your disk to another system and wait until it backups your data and then you can start re-installing Windows, it's a very time consuming process and not every one has multiply OSs or PCs.

Using a different disk for users' data can also improve performance in Multi Tasking. Also If you're a Linux user there is another advantage. Using another partition for users's data allows trying other distributions - which is quite common among Linux users - without having to be worried about data loss.

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Using Actionscript 3 Tween for everything


If you ever used actionscript 3 then you probabely know that tween class does not work with anything other than simple numeric object properties. This is an issue sometimes becuase you might want to tween a function! or a property of a child object or even an string! There are plenty of third-party classes out there for extending the Tween class, but if you don't need all other features they offer and prefer to keep your swf's size small i must tell that there is solution , a rather easy one actually.

What we're doing to do is using dynamic objects,

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Unix like smart recursive file/folder copy function for PHP


PHP's file system manipulation functions are not as complete as they should be specially when it comes to manging recursive folders. For addressing part of this issue i decided to write a smart function which can handle recursive file/folder copy easily.

As you may have noticed there are feature that i didn't have time to implement , so if you have time to extend this function please notify me as well :). It's also shared here

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Build your own home theater system (HTPC)

What is HTPC?

A Home Theater PC (HTPC) or media PC is a convergence device that combines the functions of a personal computer and a media center software which feature video and music playback, and usually but not always also digital video recorder functionality. It usually has a 10-foot user interface and is connected to a television or a television-sized computer display, and is often used as a digital photo, music, video player, TV receiver and digital video recorder, and normally controlled with a remote control.

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Update/Upgrade/Install XAMPP (LAMPP) modules by Compiling

Sys Administration

This article is not finished yet and it might not work for you at all, if you're still interested you can subscribe to its rss so you will be noticed whenever i update it.

XAMPP source code http://www.nat32.com/xampp/index.htm


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Shortening Drupal's learning curve


One of the major problems with Drupal is its learning curve which is quite long. There are many efforts from many poeple for solving this problem. and here is another attempt.

I'm not going to write tutorials here, this research project is going to be jump start for Drupal's newbie developers. it acts more like a hub, people can come here and simple pick their topic and find the most useful resources for starting.

Mastering Drupal | Drupal video tutorials for fast learning (Not reviewed yet)

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