In my experience using text to speech softwares not only greatly improves reading speed but also decreases tiredness and eye strain

Comparing Media Catalog Softwares

I'm going to compare and find the best Open Source Media Cataloging software.

Softwares :

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Media Center and DVR Softwares

It's a very good resource for understand differences between free Media Center softwares

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Is Windows 7 really much better than Vista


The short answer is NO!

Couple of days a ago i discovered a very amazing bug in Windows Vista, after searching for a fix on the internet i realized that many pople have the same problem. And not only it does not have any fix currently but also it's exists also on Windows 7 (And all Vista based operating systems like  Windows Server 2008 etc).

 Rest of the story : 

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IE8 Story : Is microsoft a complete lier?!


One of my colleagues sent me this link : Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts. And after reading for few seconds, i said that oh my God. how shameless! what a lies!

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Ubuntu 9 released!

I just installed on my VirtualBox (Both Kubuntu and Ubuntu) , fast and solid. Kubuntu because of KDE 4 it still has various issues, as i said before KDE 4 is my desktop choice so i won't move my workstation to Linux until it become stable :).
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