June 2010

Moving Users, Document and settings, or Home folder to another partition or disk


System partition (Where operating system is installed) is usually target for viruses, bad sectors, out of disk space (Which is quite common in Windows Vista and the next versions due to the winsxs folder's uncontrolled size increase) specially in Windows. You may need to re-install or even format your entire system partition, in situations like this the main problem is how to backup your data if your haven't lost it already!! Although it's possible but it's not easy, Unlike Linux , Windows does not have any official live CD so you would have to use command line or connect your disk to another system and wait until it backups your data and then you can start re-installing Windows, it's a very time consuming process and not every one has multiply OSs or PCs.

Using a different disk for users' data can also improve performance in Multi Tasking. Also If you're a Linux user there is another advantage. Using another partition for users's data allows trying other distributions - which is quite common among Linux users - without having to be worried about data loss.

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