Firefox can be very beautiful


Firefox 3.7/4.0 is going to be very beautiful, But those version are not yet available, what should we do now?! Hopefully extensions and themes which can replicate a similar interface are already available.

Note that all the extensoins and themes mentioned here work on Linux version of Firefox as well, there're also compatible with Firefox 3.6



Here is the list of themes & extensions :


This theme aims to give the user an interface as close to the new Firefox 4 mockups as possible.

Requires no configuration



This is the configuration extension for Strata40.
Suggested configuration :

- Menu -> Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> Find Strata Buddy and select it -> Options
- Click on "Strata" tab and then a select "Aero Glass"
- Click on "Tabs" tab and then select "Tabs on top"


Strata Home Tab

Adds a home tab 'button' to the tabbar similar to the Firefox 3.7/4.0 mockups. Works with the default strata theme and possibly others. You can change the house icon in options.

Requires no configuration


Personal Menu
"Menus Toolbar" item is now available in Toolbar Context Menu and you may hide it forever!

Suggested configuration :
Right click on an empty area on Toolbar and select "Customize Toolbar", you should be able to see several new  useful toolbar buttons like "Menu" which you can drag & drop into your toolbar.
For displaying and hiding the original menu toolbar hit the alt button.

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