What's my job!!!


It’s funny that whenever someone asks me what I do it takes me few seconds to respond. And the answer I give not at all describes what I do! I usually say I work in the computer field! Or I produce software!! But why ?

The problem is most people don’t understand when I try to describe it, there are lots of not very technical expressions that regular people are not familiar with. So the more i try to describe it the more confused they get! I even hear from the people who read my blog that they don’t understand it!! Although there are lots of non-technical contents on my site it seems that the moment they feel it’s not their thing they give up.

However it’s not really important because they usually ask because they have nothing else to say, it’s like one of those “how’s weather” questions. The interesting thing is that they expect a typical and easy answer like I work at a shop, I sell cars or I’m an employee so it always surprises them. At first they try to understand and seem interested but only after few seconds they get bored and want to change the topic J

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Haha.. I'm on the same

Haha.. I'm on the same boat... Sometimes just easier to say I'm a designer!