December 2009

Drupal's Acquia Marina Theme patched version!


In Drupal it's possible to overwrite and extend a theme using sub-themes! So i usually create a custom theme for my site as a sub-Theme of a base theme and try to put all the site specific stuff to that theme instead of the base theme, although it's tricky! and sometimes i have to spend hours finding a workaround for not completely implemented sub themming features but i think it worth it.

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Get the latest Linux Kernel news in the simplest way


Linux Kernel is the heart of the opensource movement, because it allows users to have a complete open source operating system. With every release it brings lots of cool new features to the Linux community. Although it's very important piece of software, propely the more important the any other software in open source community it's unknown to many users. The are two reasons for this.

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