Comparing Popular Version Control Systems


Why another comparison review!!?

Perhaps becuase many of other reviews are either outdated or unfair.

What's the difference between this and the others!!?

There are three differences.

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Healthy food

Many scientists and even philosophers believe that We're What We Eat. Now days with all this fancy foods, we need to find a real non mutated food if we care about our health in long term.

It's not easy and there are many issues on the way, i'm going to find a solution for this problem in this project with your help

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Home Office


Is it possible to work at home, and have a small office of your own?

The answer is yes, actually it's easier and cheaper than you might think. in this project i'm going to describe each component.

Fax :

  • Editing and viewing windows fax (TIFF) files is possible using irfanview or xnview (this one tested)

Softwares :

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Streaming Video and Game


I already tried VLC which was slow and it's far from begin real time.

Special Hardwares

This concept is very new, as a mater of fact hardware companies like AMD are trying to solve its problems with new hardware devices.

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Boosting and unlocking human brain

Human brain is the most important part of every human being, using it effectively is critical for our success in whatever we're doing. For unlocking our brain, we need to understand how it works in a way that we haven't done before. We need to know its potential , how it works , what it needs , etc. But since brain is the most complicated component of our body, it's a lifetime journey, But we should start from somewhere. In this research project i'm going to share with you whatever i find about human brain.

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Noetic Scienses, Real?

It's a very interesting topic, and i like to do more research about it.

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Comparing Media Catalog Softwares

I'm going to compare and find the best Open Source Media Cataloging software.

Softwares :

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How to protect our privacy in digital world

This is not a complete research and i didn't clean it up yet

Today, with Internet and all these electronic devices we can be connected to anyone at anywhere. Is this good? it depends, because everything comes with its own price. for using this technologies we have to giveaway a big part of our privacy and freedom!

The question i'm going to answer here with your help, is one of the most challenging questions of the modern world. The reason is because this question itself contains hundred of difficult sub questions.

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Organizing Information/Data on personal computers

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Build your own home theater system (HTPC)

What is HTPC?

A Home Theater PC (HTPC) or media PC is a convergence device that combines the functions of a personal computer and a media center software which feature video and music playback, and usually but not always also digital video recorder functionality. It usually has a 10-foot user interface and is connected to a television or a television-sized computer display, and is often used as a digital photo, music, video player, TV receiver and digital video recorder, and normally controlled with a remote control.

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