What is research section , and how to use it?

This section is dedicated to research projects. Research projects are mostly theoretical and may not have any time schedule or apparent result.

The reason of publishing this projects is for getting feedback from visitors , for this reason this sections has some special features.

  • Because visitors' feedback is extremely important , there is a dedicated page for comments per each project. You can see it by clicking on "TALK" word.
  • This section's contents always change, for this reason there is a utility to help you keep track of this changes and comparing various versions of each content. To use this utility you can click on "Highlight Changes" when it's visible for comparing the previous and the current version or "Revisions" tab for comparing various versions.
    You can also subscribe to each project's specific feed by clicking on this icon at the top of the page or near the you're browsers' address bar
  • If you're interested in this section you can subscribe to its feed so you can keep track of all the changes happening here. You can also submit a comment on Talk's page of each project and select "Notify me when new comments are posted" check box to receive notification email whenever someone sends a new comment.

What different research project's status mean :

  • Proposed
    Just an idea, but usually does not contain any information
  • Started
    It contains some information, but it's still incomplete and not very well written
  • Useful
    It might or it might not be finished, but it's well written and in a good shape and offers useful information regarding to the topic.
  • Complete
    Means that it's a finished project , however i may still update it if i find more information.
  • Freeze
    Means that i don't have time/will to continue it, however it does not mean that it's abandoned or useless. The information it offers might be outdated depending on the topic and freeze date but you can still except my response to your ideas and contributions.