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SourceForge's outdated bzr

Unfortunately your issues with Bazaar seem to be caused by the fact that SourceForge is still running an old version of Bazaar. The format issues all have been resolved as of Bazaar 2.0.

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Thanks Jelmer for the

Thanks Jelmer for the tip.
Yes i noticed that after playing with Bazaar for a while. Unfortunately i have to stick with Sourceforge's old Bazaar :(, i hope they upgrade to v2 soon.
I manged to convert one of my projects to Bazaar successfully and i'm writing an easy migration guide for Sourceforge's svn users.

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I can't use anything but git

I can't use anything but git cause it's a nightmare to migrate or start another VCS learning curves. I still have second thoughts about Bazaar. btw never heared of directory track feature.

quite useful

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Thanks jelmer

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