Boosting and unlocking human brain

Human brain is the most important part of every human being, using it effectively is critical for our success in whatever we're doing. For unlocking our brain, we need to understand how it works in a way that we haven't done before. We need to know its potential , how it works , what it needs , etc. But since brain is the most complicated component of our body, it's a lifetime journey, But we should start from somewhere. In this research project i'm going to share with you whatever i find about human brain.

Perhaps the first critical fact we should know about our brain is the fact that like any other human abilities is it does not improve without practice. For a regular person even imaging that a human can stay under water for more than 5 minutes might be impossible. But with enough training and practicing it's not that hard. Same applies to our brain.

One of the best ways to activate other senses is blocking the others and trying to get the most out of each one separately. Eyes kinda block most of our other senses so blocking it for a while and help us improve our other senses pretty much

Practical articles about human brain in this research.


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