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Hi: Thanks for this tuto,



Thanks for this tuto, I'm trying to accomplish exactly this.

I noticed a small typo on your post:

The directory where the untared files are is /usr/share/php-5.2, not /usr/src/php-5.2

Besides that, I run the ./configure with my own configuration (the one I got from the previous step) and it didn't work. Here's the message I got:

configure: error: libgds, libib_util or libfbclient not found! Check config.log for more information.

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Hi, You're welcome. i fixed

You're welcome. i fixed the typo you mentioned thanks.
Before i answer you question, i must tell you that compiling XAMPP is quite a challenge mostly because Apache Friends (XAMPP developers) do not like to share the build scripts!. :)
I did not continue this article since it required much more time than i expected. However as you can see i at least figured out how to start and decided to share it to make a bit easier for others to continue. So if you managed to get it done i'll more than happy to try your approach.

About your question. I need to have a look at your log file for accurate answer however just to let you know (libgds, libib_util or libfbclient) are for interbase database, you can skip it if you don't need it. just remove --with-interbase=shared,/opt/interbase and try again.

Sometimes the problem is with the path, you can locate interbase and replace the path with the correct path on your system (Same applies to other configurations)