The language of colors

Colors can speak to us and what they say can reach to the audience subconscious faster than any textual message, perhaps that's why they're so important.

But choosing the right color is not easy, many things are involved

Indicating the primary goals of the project or characteristics of the product

Colors has meaning, in order to choose the best possible colors for a project we should first see what we want to say to the people the first time they visit

Example : Trust, Experience, Innovation, Difference, ...

Picking the colors

It's important in this step to get familiar with the usual meaning of the colors. it takes bit to sink in the key point is reading as much as resource you could find.

The next thing which we need to understand is the fact the colors work in harmony, different combination of the same colors can have completely different meanings

Some notes and examples

  • Trust : Blue , Silver Gray
  • Experience : Black
  • Innovation : Yellow or Purple or Yellow-Green (Growth and Innovation). The green color used here
  • White: is always good because it's a neutral color.
  • Red: Red is for attracting attention for most of nations. But since it’s the color of passion/sex/love/etc its usage should be very limited like Oracle. Might be appropriate for every project
  • For background a light silver close to blue to show stability and trust


Colors Level/ Brightness

The level of brightness also affect the meaning of the colors in a different way

For a young company for example but not too young not too bright and not too dark might be appropiriate

Localizing the meaning of colors

Colors can't be separated from the culture , a single color might have opposite meanings in different countries!


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