Technology and public knowledge might one day rejoin us with the nature again

Some may say that the technology is actually destroying the Earth right now! So how is that possible?

This forecast, idea or whatever you may call it comes from some facts. Lets start with a question. Why do we live in cities? Security, Work, Socialism, etc or simply we feel more comfortable because critical things we need like jobs, hospitals , friends , entertainments are close.

But what if we could feel comfortable and secure wherever we're? Technologies are GPSs, AID Kits, Electronic (Solar) Cars, Internet (As source of knowledge) , etc are already available. But they're not enough.

Nature is dangerous , but only if we don't know how to deal with it. one of the things which can help us living in nature is knowledge. If we know what we need to avoid and if anything happens how to protect ourselves then there is not much to be afraid of.

To be continued...

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