The devil is in indeed in details. A few lines of so called RFP can usually turn into a full blown proposal with lots of pages
I'm getting used to my Kindle. It's much easier to read books using e-ink e-book readers in almost every aspect :)
We might not be able to change our hardware (body) but we can always change our software (mind)
Most people pretend their business is doing great, but the truth is sometimes quite opposite. Understandable
In my experice MySQL's query cache is not effective because it's not smart enough, a caching layer seems essential for serious projects
You were born an original don't die a copy
Finally an e-link e-book reader with color support!, still expensive and buggy but it's finally here :D http://goo.gl/lTl9Ef
Giving commit access for one of my open-source projects to a good developer. I feel relieved :), This is the beauty of open-source.
In my experience using text to speech softwares not only greatly improves reading speed but also decreases tiredness and eye strain
Trying the new Waterfox version and it's noticeably faster than Firefox