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Site's History

I created my first webpage at 2001 when i was 15 years old

My first website ( Node 1296 not found. )  at 12/23/2003 using Java, HTML, Javascript

I launched the first version of my weblog at 2004 using a free blogging service. [image]

I created the next version of my weblog using PHP and MySQL myself at 2005 [image]

Next version of my webiste at 2006 using PHP,HTML,MySQL,Css,Javasciprt

Next version of my weblog at 2007 using Drupal 5

The current version using Drupal 6


Sina is a computer software / hardware expert, software manager, a talented developer and also a researcher. He has been very active in these fields for more than a decade. (With executing more than 250 projects)

Currently he is founder and CEO of a well known E-Commerce company, and he has had more than 150 programmers , designers, and supervisors under his supervision so far.