نظرات شما



something i have noticed lately during the training ive been doing is traits passed on from father to son etc,,, some of us look like our parents and some of us act the same and do simmilar things.
But ive started a type of mma training and have found even though ive never done certain things,, i could do them right away with no effort and no prior training,,,and all those are things my dad was taught as a clearence diver (special forces) in the australian navy. I talked to dad about this and told him what i was doing and thats when he said that all the stuff he was trained in.
Then i started thinking about passed on traits and how it works,,,, is it possible that all information taken in up until time of conception can be passed on? has this ever been looked at?? If this is possible is this an avenue that can be taken to increase ones brain power at a young age??
ive always said i will only bread for genetic purposes,, im a white australian from a very mixed background and will only bread with an asian, pacific islander or a jamacian. I dont know why but ever since i was a kid ive had this in my head. Would who we breed with also have an effect on the way our brain is used??? feel free to email me with any answers u may have of questions on my thoughts even. dave182@live.com.au