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This site is about diabet

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This site is about diabet , and it's focused on contents organized in nested categories. their main feature is a dynamic menu which lets them to map the website whole content.

I designed the first version of extensible lightweight dynamic menu system with RTL,LTR support in this project. this system let them to attach as much as content they want to the categories , and menu system will automatically display them in an appropiriate way. They also wanted to have delay for hiding menu items which was not easy to implement on both IE6 and Firefox2 , it took some time but i finally found a way and now it works very well and has been used on lots of projects after that.

I also designed a very lightweight and useful editable tree for editing categories (screenshot is available)

Main Features :

  • User management
  • News
  • Articles
  • Certifications
  • FAQ
  • Newsletter
  • Site wide category system
  • Static pages
  • Fully dynamic menu , with ability to connect to static pages
  • Testimonial