Drawing organization charts easily with OpenOffice Draw


I don't know whether you've heard of OpenOffice or not. OpenOffice is perhaps the best alternative to Micro$soft Office currently available. It's a collection of applications that work together closely to provide the features expected from a modern office suite. Many of the parts are designed to be alternatives to those available in Microsoft Office.

But what's the different between these two popular office applications ?

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Media Center and DVR Softwares

It's a very good resource for understand differences between free Media Center softwares

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"The Echo Maker" novel by Richard Powers


The story

Richard Powers's novel, The Echo Maker (2006), tells the story of Mark Schluter, a young man of 27 who is nearly killed in an accident with his truck. He recovers but seems to be suffering from Capgras, a condition in which the patient believes that some of his loved ones have been replaced by doubles. Mark thinks his sister Karin has been replaced by someone who looks exactly like Karin, but he is certain she is only a robot or a stand-in. He calls her Kopy Karin and Karbon Karin. The evolution of the syndrome is far from positive. The condition seems to spread. Mark begins to believe it is not just Karin who has been replaced. His dog, his house, his old town and some of his best friends all seem to be replaced by stand ins.

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IE8 Story : Is microsoft a complete lier?!


One of my colleagues sent me this link : Windows Internet Explorer 8: Get the facts. And after reading for few seconds, i said that oh my God. how shameless! what a lies!

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