Sina is a computer software / hardware expert, software manager, a talented developer and also a researcher. He has been very active in these fields for more than a decade. (With executing more than 250 projects)

Currently he is founder and CEO of a well known E-Commerce company, and he has had more than 150 programmers , designers, and supervisors under his supervision so far.


  • It's really strange that social medias in today world do not support multilingual posts! , auto translation won't do twitter! it's awful : 2015-03-11 12:57
  • Nonetheless, The Atlas Shrugged novel is a great piece of work, specially for critical thinkers : 2015-02-19 03:02
  • Ayn Rand' obsession with beautiful men on Atlas Shrugged novels comes as no surprise after reading her biography. We live in a strange world : 2015-02-19 02:50
  • Sometimes i really hate yum and specially yum fastmirror plugin! : 2015-01-04 22:14
  • Instead of wasting time worrying about problems, it's much more relaxing to actually do something about them. : 2014-12-04 09:45
  • We upgraded PHP to 5.6 on our Linux server today, and i'm satisfied with the result :) : 2014-11-28 15:50
  • Micro-Management is one of the most frustrating tasks of the managers that should not really exist but sometimes it's unavoidable :_(. : 2014-10-24 19:20
  • Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison : 2014-06-05 19:38
  • Just used my webcam as a qrbarcode scanner! faster and much more accurate than i expected : 2014-05-31 22:28
  • A lie is an act of self-abdication, because one surrenders one's reality to the person to whom one lies, making that person one's master, condemning oneself from then on to faking the sort of reality that person's view requires to be faked. And if one gains the immediate purpose of the lie—the price one pays is the destruction of that which the gain was intended to serve. The man who lies to the world, is the world's slave from then on. : 2014-04-29 10:31