Migrating from Subversion to Bazaar (Including special guide for Sourceforge projects)


It's about the sixth years since my first commit using Subversion, Moving from CVS to Subversion was really amazing, Subversion was superior in many ways and it served me well. But the age of centralized version control systems is over, we need much more powerful VCSs to deal with huge projects. Now days we should to be able to work with anyone, on anything, anywhere , at anytime, and also keep track of all this activities.

As part of my research project (Comparing Popular Version Control Systems) i decided to start with Bazaar and migrate one of my Subversion Sourceforge projects to this new VCS in order to have a better understanding of how it actually works. And also test the migration utilities because if you can't migrate your code's history then that would be a huge problem.

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Comparing Popular Version Control Systems


Why another comparison review!!?

Perhaps becuase many of other reviews are either outdated or unfair.

What's the difference between this and the others!!?

There are three differences.

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