Drupal's Acquia Marina Theme patched version!


In Drupal it's possible to overwrite and extend a theme using sub-themes! So i usually create a custom theme for my site as a sub-Theme of a base theme and try to put all the site specific stuff to that theme instead of the base theme, although it's tricky! and sometimes i have to spend hours finding a workaround for not completely implemented sub themming features but i think it worth it.

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Shortening Drupal's learning curve


One of the major problems with Drupal is its learning curve which is quite long. There are many efforts from many poeple for solving this problem. and here is another attempt.

I'm not going to write tutorials here, this research project is going to be jump start for Drupal's newbie developers. it acts more like a hub, people can come here and simple pick their topic and find the most useful resources for starting.

Mastering Drupal | Drupal video tutorials for fast learning (Not reviewed yet)

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How to dump all MySQL databases into indivisual files at once

Sys Administration

I had to move 264 databases from one Linux server (Fedora) to another (CentOS), hard copying /var/lib/mysql wasn't a good idea because version of two MySQL databases were different and i had to repair all the tables after move so i decided to write a very short and usefull bash script.

It dumps all the databases but each database into a different file :

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