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Brain and computers at maths

When it comes to mathematics, computers are much better at solving formula. However, computers SUCK, and I mean suck at worded problems, ie; Both Julie and Mary have 3 apples each. If they were to place their apples in a basket, how many apples are there in the basket? The human brain would solve this in a split second while a computer would stumble and would only be able to answer; 6+6=?

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Good point Josh thanks, The

Good point Josh thanks,
The reason that computers are much better in mathematics might be due to their logical nature.
But you reminded me of something else, Computers have different hardwares , some can do parallel processing , some can't some are faster and some slower ,etc. Humans' brains are also different. We all know people with amazing abilities like rapid mathematical calculations , eidetic memory etc. The question is should we include this people in comparison?

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