Time to start taking online privacy seriously


A blog post by Larry inspired me to write this post,

Earlier today, one of the people I follow tweeted that his young (under 5, I believe) daughter had just done something stupid. Nothing illegal or immoral, just the sort of embarrassing and sometimes destructive stupidity that young children tend to get into. And he then tweeted it.

Which means that his under age daughter's actions are now part of the permanent archive of the US government.

Online privacy has always been one my concerns, and the reason is the fact that as a software developer i know what's happening behind the scene. I believe that it's up to us (Software developers) to let the people know that their privacy is getting violated every hour even when they're not a member of any social network!!!.

For this reason i've started a research project (How to protect our privacy in digital world) quite some time ago to share my knowledge and my concerns regarding to this issue with the world. It's not complete but i'm updating it whenever i can, hopefully with your help one day it can be a valuable reference.


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