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Some tips about writing Resume


After reading over 200 hundred resumes in the past three years and rejecting most of them before and after interview / technical test mostly due to the fake information!, It seems that most people believe that putting everything they even though of into their resume really helps, but does it?

In my experience it depends on who you're dealing with. If you're dealing with an experienced hiring manager it certainly has a negative affection. Look at it this way, what are the chances of someone really knows all those stuff properly?! not much. So it's probably fake! when the employer suspects that you've entered fake information if he doesn't reject you he will at least put you at the bottom of the list! For me it only wastes both my time and the applicant's, because i don't hire without properly interviewing and testing the job applicants. For example several people told me that they started using PHP for the first in Iran!! funny thing is none of them could properly finish our technical test! When you're including something like this in your resume you better be ready to prove it.

So what should we include in our resume. It really doesn't matter how much info you include, what's important is you should prove that you've done some of the most important ones. For example if you're looking for a job in software development attach some technical details of your best projects or include links to your online projects.

Smart hiring managers search your technical background on the Internet, so if you've done worthy online activities like participating in Open-Source projects or wrote articles on popular website, include the links to them as well

They can also search in ALL YOUR ONLINE ACTIVITIES including FACEBOOK!! and other social networks. So you might want to do something about that IF YOU CAN! before applying for a job. Reading people is not an skill that every hiring manager or employer has because it's extremely difficult and requires not only talent but also years of study and experience. By sharing private information yourself you make it almost effortless!

Some experienced hiring managers even pay attention to your body language. I with i could give more tips here specially about interview, but applicants may read my blog and i don't want them to pretend anything!

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