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Very good guide, however i


Very good guide, however i have a few comments that might help someone:

  1. It might be that the drive letters are incorrect when booting to the repair console, you then need to use mountvol to rearrange the drives before running the other commands in this guide. (else the robocopy and mklink commands will not work properly)
    Tips for mountvol:
    first unmount the current (incorrect) C drive:
    mountvol C: /D
    figure out the correct volume that is to go to C: by issuing mountvol. Copy the volume name of the desired disk.
    then unmount the desired C drive (lets say it is currently mounted at E)
    mountvol E: /D
    then mount the correct volume to c:
    mountvol c: \\?\Volume{GUID}\

    Repeat for any other disks that need different letters

  2. I too was puzzled by step 2. I navigated to that key, however you do not state what to do at that key, then step 3 you procede to other keys.
  3. In step 3 you say to replace %SystemDrive% with the proper path, That is fine, but i am unsure if this should be done for the key for ProgramData, (since we haven't moved this folder)
  4. I also had to change a key under ProfileList in subkey S-1-5-21-, called ProfileImagePath this key was hardcoded to C:

Thanks again for a very good guide


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